Friday, April 12, 2013

Hewlett-Packard Company v. Oracle Corporation

 The second phase of the trial has been delayed while the courts wait for the results of the appeal by Oracle.

HP's Open Letter :

Court Brief Links :

HP is looking for 4 billion dollars in damages from when they sued Oracle when they announced they would stop porting their software to the Itanium prcoessor.

Oracle tried to shut down the damages phase by filling a strategic lawsuit against public participation but it was filed too late and dismissed.  Oracle appealed the decision to a higher court and it has not been heard yet.

The two IT behemoths will go toe to toe again May 10th, 2013.  HP claims that it has 140,000 customers who run Oracle on their Integrity, HP-UX, OpenVMS, NonStop and X86 systems.

In the X86 space Oracle's Sun Fire X4800 M2 server set a world record on the TPC-C benchmark, beating the best results from IBM and HP.  A X4800 M2 with 8 x E7-8870 (30M Cache, 2.40 GHz, 6.40 GT/s Intel® QPI) processors was almost 3 times faster than the HP Superdome with 64 processors.

If the licensing fees are based on CPU's it could be something worth looking into for cost savings.

On April 20th, 2009 Oracle purchased Sun Microsystems for 7.4 Billion dollars.

Hardware Sales reported March 2013, for the third quarter was $671 million, down 23 percent, representing 8% of revenue.  Hardware systems support was $570 million, down 6%, representing 6% of revenue.

Now that Oracle charges for even bug fixes and updates it's little wonder that the services side was just a little lower than the actual hardware sales.

Looking back to March 2012, Hardware sales fell 16% to $869 million.  That represents almost $200 in lost hardware sales one year later.  I don't think I have to do a graph on the Oracle Cloud to show the steady decline as a software company clearly show's that it has no clue in the hardware business.  Long lead times and dealing with sales staff that lack knowledge have been the messages that we've been receiving from our customers since Oracle took over Sun.


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